Spinach, beetroot, mustard greens are some of the favourite foods of people in winter season but do you It is also the season of sweet potato also popularly known as shakarkandi in India. They are not only rich source of Vitamin A but also give the perfect boost to your immune system and keep your eyes healthy.

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Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar talks about the many benefits of sweet potato in her recent post.

“Ratala, ratalu, shakarkandi, sweet potato is here but where are you?” she writes in her Instagram post.

Listing the many benefits of shakarkandi or sweet potato, she says that the fibrous vegetable is safe for everyone to eat from the ones who are battling obesity to those who are suffering from diseases like PCOD and diabetes.

Boiled sweet potatoes are ideal for diabetics as they have low GI as compared to roasted or deep-fried version which has a high GI. Those who are looking for weight loss foods can have sweet potatoes as purple sweet potatoes can help lower inflammation in the body and keep fat cells from growing. Sweet potatoes are also known to reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease.

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According to Diwekar, it also helps with “quick recovery from training.”

Shakarkandi not only keeps your skin healthy but also digestive issues at bay. If you have overindulged this holiday season, count on this ‘sweet’ remedy.

“The Vit A will fight all infections, the anthocynins will keep your skin supple, the minerals and Vit B profile will keep the bloating, acidity and constipation away,” says the nutritionist.

“Basically, if you have drunk too much, slept too little and partied too hard, this is what you should be eating,” she added.

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The nutritionist also shared pic of Ratalyacha Kees, a Marathi preparation made out of sweet potato, ghee, currypatta, green chilli, jada namak and peanut powder.