Eddie Izzard, a well-known British comedian, actor, and activist, has come under fire for adding the name ‘Suzy’ and using both male and female pronouns.

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The comedian in a social media post on June 1 informed that she would rather be called Suzy, which he affirmed in March 2023.

While it is important to respect people’s choices about their gender identity and expression, critics argue that Izzard’s use of both he/him and she/her pronouns has caused confusion and dilutes understanding of gender pronoun usage.

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Several users argued that Izzard’s use of multiple pronouns perpetuates the idea that gender identity can be fluid or fluctuate, undermining the significance and clarity that pronouns have in affirming one’s identity.

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Eddie Izzard was heavily slammed on Twitter after he made the announcement. One user wrote, “Men do not belong in single sex spaces for women. They never will. This is a hill I will die on. Take your penis into the men’s room, Eddie or Suzy or Veronica or whatever you want to be known as today.”

Another user wrote, “Everyone knows that Eddie Izzard is a straight man whose ex, who is no longer alive, was called frigging Suzy right? (Susie Church was her full legal name). He’s taken the name of his dead ex girlfriend.” “I’m remaining male and Eddie when I want acting jobs. When I want validation and to be called brave, I’m Suzy. male privilege as old as time.”, another user tweeted.

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In May 2023, Eddie Izzard was heavily trolled after a photo of him went viral on social media, where he was in a queue to use the women’s toilet and he was surrounded by women. Several users ridiculed and criticized him for the act.