Midnights, the latest album by Taylor Swift, has captured the imagination of her fans, and has created a unique streaming record in the process. It is now the album with the highest number of streams on a single day on Spotify. However, one of the songs from the album, Anti-Hero, has garnered some criticism for a fat reference in its music video, prompting the makers to quickly remove the same.

The video that was initially uploaded to Apple Music no longer features the scene, but the one on YouTube still does. In the video, we see Swift stepping onto a weighing scale that reads her body mass as “fat”.

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Fans on social media had labelled the video “anti-fat”, suggesting that it is putting fat people under a negative light. Swift, who takes inspiration for the themes and lyrics for her songs from her personal life, had earlier opened up about her overeating disorder. The singer also posted on Instagram about the song’s visual treatment, saying that it reflects her own “nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts [playing] out in real time.”

The song’s lyrics also reflect the trauma some suffering from body image issues might go through: “Sometimes I feel like everybody is a sexy baby / And I’m a monster on the hill.”

In the documentary Miss Americana, Swift has also talked about this issue, saying that when she saw “a picture of me where I feel like I looked like my tummy was too big, or… someone said that I looked pregnant … and that’ll just trigger me to just starve a little bit — just stop eating.”

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In another cover story for Variety, the pop star had said that it was not easy for her to open up about body image issues completely in the documentary, “I didn’t know if I was going to feel comfortable with talking about body image and talking about the stuff I’ve gone through in terms of how unhealthy that’s been for me — my relationship with food and all that over the years”.