Forestella is a famous South Korean crossover male vocal quarter formed through the JTBC singing competition Phantom Singer 2, which aired in 2017. It is reported that they won first place on the show and officially debuted on March 14, 2018, with the album Evolution.

Since their debut, they have released another two studio albums and gained public recognition for their performances on Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend, festivals and other televised concerts.

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They were under Universal Music Korea, Decca Records and Arts and Artists. As of August 1, 2021, they are now under Beat Interactive. They consist of four members, Bae Doohoon, Kang Hyungho, Cho Mingyu and Ko Woorim.

According to various reports, Bae Doo-hoon, Kang Hyung-ho, Cho Min-kyu and Ko Woo-rim had each separately auditioned for the competition. They were among the twelve finalists remaining in the competition and grouped into a quartet prior to the finals, naming themselves “Forestella”. As the winning group, they won prize money as well as an exclusive contract with Arts and Artists, which manages some of the country’s preeminent classical musicians, to promote together for a year.

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Bae is a musical actor who had studied acting at Korea National University of Arts and occasionally sang for a gugak-rock fusion band. He previously appeared in Hidden Singer and The Voice of Korea prior to auditioning for Phantom Singer.

Cho and Ko are the only classically-trained singers of the quartet and are alumni of Seoul National University’s famed College of Music.

Cho had been planning to continue with graduate studies in Germany and was a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Opera for several years.

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Kang is the only member without any formal training in either music or the performing arts, although he was the vocalist of an amateur rock band he and some friends had formed as college students.

Beginning in January 2021, a 12-episode “All Star” edition of Phantom Singer was aired and Forestella were among the returning teams as the winners of the second season. They then released their third full-length album The Forestella digitally on April 19, while the physical album was released two weeks later.

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The four digital singles released the previous year were also included in the album. The album also included a Korean-language remake of Serge Lama’s hit “Je suis malade”; they had covered the song in its original French that year on Phantom Singer All Star and earned praise from Lama himself.