Global Citizen received considerable backlash from fans after announcing that 3RACHA will be performing at their New York festival even after three members of Stray Kids were involved in a car crash.

“Our support goes out to the members of Stray Kids and our hearts are with Stays everywhere. We’ll be joined on the Global Citizen Festival stage by Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN, performing as 3RACHA,” Global Citizen tweeted.

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The tweet came after Stray Kids Colombia posted on X, formerly known as Twitter that Stray Kids members Lee Knoe, Hyunjin, and Seungmin were involved in a car crash and had to be rushed into a hospital. However, their injuries were not critical and they are presently receiving treatment for the same.

It was also the reason that Lee and Hyunjin had to cancel their plans to be at the Milan Fashion Week. Seungmin was planning a birthday live, which he had to cancel.

Meanwhile, K-pop fans were not thrilled by Global Citizen replacing Stray Kids with 3RACHA since the band members might have been emotional affected by what their fellow artists had gone through.

“idk man it doesn’t sit well with me at all how they’re still making 3racha go to nyc literally tomorrow right after 3 of their fellow members just got into a car crash and that too for a couple of hours to perform like 2 songs at a festival…” one fan wrote.

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Another commented: “making 3racha stand on the stage after their friends and staff had been in a car accident and putting the weight of carrying a show that was supposed to be performed by 8 on their shoulders is fucking so fucking evil”

“I can’t believe they are still sending 3racha to the event when their members their friends have just been in a car accident how cruel and senseless must you be,” a third tweeted.

One more stated, “please let all the kids rest cancel the global citizen festival pls the 3racha members must be very affected too and the other members who weren’t in the car too as well they all care a lot for each other and are TIRED they are TIRED.”