Grand Theft Auto or GTA is a mainstay title at Rockstar Games and is an extremely popular open-world offering where the protagonist enters a life of crime in a city, amassing wealth and trying to climb the socio-economic ladder. Over the game’s many versions, the story has gotten increasingly complex, the world-building has become more realistic, and there is great attention to the game’s mechanics, which made the latest entry – GTA V – a roaring success. Now, right after the last game’s ninth anniversary, there are reports that some clips of GTA VI have been leaked. 

Happy Power, a content creator and news reporter for Misfits Gaming noted, “Some VERY early test footage for GTA 6 got leaked but It’s really nothing special, it’s pretty much some old assets mixed with some new ones/features”, but added a warning, “it’s not worth risking messing with, as it’s extremely likely to get you banned.” 

Hypex, another gaming content creator, added “Basically someone posted 90 clips of (apparently) GTA 6 on a forum along with some of the game’s code, the clips look like VERY early development tho”. 

Some of the clips show the swimming, shooting, and movement mechanisms, while another gives a peek into the inside of a nightclub. We will not be putting up any videos or images of the leak, out of respect to the game developer and its privacy policy.

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Rockstar Games is notoriously private about its projects and choose to keep them under wraps until the opportune moment for a big reveal. Their offerings – Red Dead Redemption, GTA, and even older titles like Bully, have been massive hits. 

The leaks have sent GTA VI trending on Twitter and the internet is having a laugh about how the game developers will react to the news. 

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An individual posted a clip of a crowd running, and captioned it “Everyone coming to twitter to scroll through the GTA 6 leaks”. 

Many joked about Rockstar taking it out on the employee or employees who might be behind the leak, but most fans are just happy to receive confirmation that GTA VI is real and being made. One person on Twitter added, “I’m so happy GTA 6 is in Vice City”.