Park Ji-min, better known as Jimin, member of the worldwide
popular South Korean band Bangtan Boys (BTS) turned 25 on Tuesday and unsurprisingly
#JiminDay is one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter.

On his birthday, let us look at some of the top tracks by the artist that are loved
by his fans, the BTS Army:

1. Lie

‘Lie’ is a song about living in
a lie and mislead oneself. The track is sung by Jimin and he even helped write
the lyrics of the song. Giving it a painful yet sweet voice, Jimin sang the ‘Lie’

2. Serendipity

The song is from the 2017 BTS
album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’, which has now become an all-time favourite for
many. The song contains deep and meaningful lyrics with Jimin’s unique and
soothing voice.

3. Filter

With his dance moves and
unbeatable expressions, Jimin stole hearts of many by performing the song live
on stage at the BTS One concert. His solo performance was a definite show-stealer.

4. Black Swan

Jimin is known for his
flexibility and is one of the best dancers in his group. In the recent concert
that was held digitally, Jimin had a solo performance on ‘Black Swan’, which
was applauded by all.

5. Promise

‘Promise’ is a special single
track by Jimin and is not associated with BTS officially. The song suggests
that Jimin is making a promise to his fans and oneself to be their strength so
they can love themselves no matter what the condition is. Self-love is a theme
that can be seen in many of BTS’ songs.