Heart of Stone, the Netflix spy thriller, revealed its exclusive first look through a teaser at the fan event, Tudum. The clip shows Rachel Stone, the titular character, living a life of adrenaline rushes while realizing the sacrifices it demands in terms of not having friends or relationships because they are not as important as the job. 

Stone plays the role of a CIA agent who stands in between her organization and the disappearance of their most valuable asset. The movie also stars Jamie Dornan as Parker, and Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt in her English language movie debut, as Keya Dhawan. 

The Wonder Woman actor narrates in the clip that while Heart of Stone has a lot of action, it is “raw” and “grounded”, stressing how the scenes are meant to feel real, so one relates to the pain of the protagonist. 

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Bhatt adds that the movie has characters one really connects with and feels for, while Dornan says that there is a lot going on in the movie, and it is really “big scale”. 

Gadot again takes over the narration explaining her character’s motivation. “Rachel Stone lives off the adrenaline, she’s addicted to it”, says the 37-year-old. 

The clip shows several action and fight sequences, including ones where Stone’s character is being chased across snowy terrain and jumping out of an aeroplane. Bhatt’s Hollywood debut comes with its own bit of action as the actor is seen in a parachute, sliding down a snowy slope, in the clip. 

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While more details about the plot remain under wraps for now, the film has been planned in a similar vein as the Mission Impossible movies, meaning Gadot’s success could start a franchise to rival Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. Heart of Stone is set to release in 2023, but no date has been set yet.