On the opening night of his 2023 Love On Tour, Harry Styles made news when his pants tore in the middle of his performance as his crush, Jennifer Aniston, was watching from the audience. The singer’s 28-year-old followers are refusing to let him forget this occasion, by roasting him on Twitter. The event was held at the Inglewood Kia Forum in California. The opening night of the show was on January 26. 

He took immediate action, first covering the ripped portion with his hand before covering it with a black piece of cloth. The “As It Was” singer continued to perform throughout and acted professionally. Fans, however, found the situation to be humorous as they flew into a frenzy about Jennifer Aniston being in the audience. A cable that was attached to Harry’s microphone caused him to trip once while performing “Adore You.” Some commented on how Harry’s decision to rip his pants in front of his childhood sweetheart must have been embarrassing.

A fan on Twitter commented, “honestly ripping his pants when his crotch is like 10 ft from ppl’s faces is one of the most harry styles things to ever happen to him”

Harry was making his post-Christmas comeback. He frequently jumps around on stage to energise his audience and include them as much as possible in his performances. Harry knelt down on one side of the stage during “Music For a Sushi Restaurant,” when his leather pants abruptly tore from his crotch region. When it occurred, the audience broke into raucous yells. It turned into a funny scene for concertgoers who weren’t there. Some people even understood the singer’s second-hand discomfort from having Jennifer Aniston there.

He later wrapped a pride flag around his waist to hide the wardrobe malfunction.

 After the intermission, he changed into lighter coloured leather pants, after which he expressed his regret for the situation, explaining that it is a family show, “I feel I must apologise to a certain few of you right down in the front there. I mean this is a family show. You sir, are you okay? I promise it’s not part of the show.”