As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court fight nears its conclusion, new rumours about the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ franchise have begun to circulate on social media. Depp, well known for his portrayal of ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise over a number of years, is said to have been replaced by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

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According to a report by Giant Freakin’ Robot, the developers of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise are looking to replace Johnny Depp as ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ with Dwayne Johnson. The producers are exploring creating a new spin-off to the franchise, with Johnson being considered for the starring part.

Fans of Johnny Depp have come out in his defence as the courtroom drama involving him and Amber Heard nears its conclusion. His fans have lent their support to the actor, who has appeared in a number of other blockbusters, including Public Enemies in 2009, Willy Wonka in 2005, Ed Wood in 1994, and Alice in Wonderland in 2010.

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‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently stated that a script in which Margot Robbie will play the primary character is in the works. When asked if Johnny Depp’s character ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ will return, he indicated there were no ideas in the works at the moment.

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Following this, rumours circulated that Dwayne Johnson will replace Johnny Depp as ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. While an official confirmation or denial of this rumour awaits, Depp and Amber Heard’s $50 million defamation action has heard final arguments from their respective counsel. The jury must reach a unanimous decision on the case.