‘Hostel Daze’ season 1 managed to take the OTT platforms by storm after its premiere in 2019 and now season two of the Amazon Prime Video original is getting positive responses, too. The comedy-drama starring Adarsh Gourav, Ahsaas Channa, Ayushi Gupta, Luv, Shubham Gaur, and Nikhil Vijay in the lead roles, has immediately struck a chord with the young audience and their unvoiced struggles.

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The show revolves around four friends and their first year in college. Ahaas and Ayushi who play the character of Akanksha and Nabomita in the show respectively, share some behind-the-shoot fun, their instant connection, and their own hostel life memories.

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Opoyi: How much do you relate with your characters

Ahsaas: I don’t want to reveal much about the character because there are a lot of surprise elements to it but there are definitely some instances where I read the script and I was like ‘ I get what she is saying’. But I feel Akanksha is much cooler than Ahsaas. Akanksha is somebody I aspire to be as she is more confident and fun. I think she is cooler than Ahsaas for sure.

Ayushi: I don’t think I can really relate to Nabobita’s character. She is a really different kind of person with very different fears and life choices. But I can relate to her when it comes to emotions because there are certain emotions that you pick up.  There are some aspects of Nabomita that are really bad and I was like I would never be able to do this.

Opoyi: The weirdest thing you did during your hostel days

Ahsaas: I have never been to a hostel in my life but while doing the show, I was able to experience some of these things and live a hostel life. Having said that, what I actually remember is that I always feared going to the hostel because my sister had gone to a hostel. When I used to do something wrong, my mom used to tell me that ‘ tune yeh kiya toh mein tujhe hostel bhej dungi’ . I always feared going to the hostel because for me, it was like a jail for some reason but now that I actually watch these shows and I have been part of these shows, I realize that it’s a whole different experience and wonderful life.

Ayushi: I did my engineering but I didn’t go to the hostel because it was in Pune where I am from and I really have close friends in the hostel. Also, in Pune you wear a scarf and cover all your face when you are on the bike and that’s how you used to enter the hostel so yeah.

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Opoyi: For Ahsaas, being a child actor, do you have an edge over other young stars?

Ahsaas: This is something I have never given a thought. I forget that I have worked in the past or I have been working since a young age. Any project or whatever I do, I have a different approach towards it. I am as nervous as anybody else is. I am trying to do my best. I am always impressed by others.

Opoyi: The first person in the team with whom you connected instantly

Ahsaas: The reason I connected with this person is that I have known him for a very long time. I have worked with Adarsh in the past so that connection was there only. Even in the first season, I was shooting, I think he was the only person I was close to but here I got a chance to connect with everybody. Ayushi and I have had the maximum time so after Adarsh, Ayushi is somebody I connected with really well.

Ayushi: It’s uncanny but I think the answer is the same. Ahsaas and I got to spend a lot of time together so that was a lot of fun. We were chilling in vanity together for a lot of time so I was like what a cutie.