Walt Disney subsidiary Pixar Animation has made the decision to remove 75 jobs within the organization. The move involves the dismissal of two executives who worked on the movie “Lightyear.”

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As per the media reports, two executives, who are being laid off are director Angus MacLane, a 26-year animator and Galyn Susman, producer of “Lightyear”.

Galyn Susman is the person who saved Toy Story 2 from being deleted forever. Toy Story 2, which was widely acclaimed and loved by the people around the globe could have been deleted forever. Reportedly, due to an error, Pixar almost lost the whole Toy Story 2 movie when it was accidentally deleted from the studio’s servers.

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The co-founder of Pixar, Ed Catmull, who retired in 2019, once recalled the incident of how they nearly lost Toy Story 2. He said once an anonymous employee unintentionally entered the command code “/bin/rm -r -f*” in the root directory of the computer system where all the files for the animated movie were kept. The person entered the precise code in the root folder, where it marked everything even though it was intended to adequately wipe something from a specified location. Due to which the complete movie was vanished.

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This is when Galyn Susman arrived as a guardian angel. At that time, Susman was working from home, as she just gave a birth to the baby. Fortunately, she had a copy of the movie with her at her home.

Though, the copy was not up to date, but still it saved the company from the incident, which could have costed them a fortune.

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However, the recent decision of Pixar sacking Galyn Susman comes as a shocker after how she saved the company from disaster.