Rihanna was able to make a significant sum of money only from royalties after her Super Bowl performance. The 34-year-old artist earned around $97,000 in royalties from streaming on Spotify, according to Japan-101, a Japanese casino comparison site.

The singer-songwriter revealed during her performance her pregnancy with rapper A$AP Rocky.  She performed some of her major hits, including Umbrella, We Found Love and Diamonds. Fans took to streaming apps after the show to listen to her popular tunes. Spotify noted that streaming of her music went up a whopping 640% immediately after the show.

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The royalty amount was estimated by considering Spotify’s standard royalty rate. But it is exclusive of any royalties that the singer would have earned from other streaming services and from digital and physical media purchases.

Rihanna’s Umbrella appeared to earn around $17,780.60 for 4.4 million plays, which was arrived at by multiplying the three-day play count by $0.004, which is the average amount Spotify pays per stream. She would probably be in the high-earning category of singers on the platform as she is a more popular performer.

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We Found Love was a step behind with 3.8 million plays over three days, possibly earning Rihanna around $15,227.01. It was featured on her hit album Talk That Talk. 

The Unapologetic track Diamonds was her third-most popular song in these days earning around $14,160.66 from 3.5 million streams. Another one of her major hits, Only Girl (In The World) was played 2.9 million times and potentially earned her $11,800.12. Where Have You Been was streamed 2.3 million times for around $9,302.04. 

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Work, the hit single with Drake that preceded her most recent Anti album, earned $8,203.48 from 2 million plays. Rihanna’s hit Rude Boy was streamed a respectable 1.8 million times for around $7,523.72.

Rihanna’s Spotify royalties alone would be a fortune for many artists, but they are barely a drop in the bucket for her, as she spent five times that amount just to rent a home for the Super Bowl. She paid over $500K for six nights in a five-bedroom house near the stadium.