Jeffery Vandergrift, a popular DJ for a San Francisco radio station, was found dead almost a month after he went missing. Vandergrift, also known as JV, was last seen around 10 pm February 23 at his San Francisco home. He was considered at risk, San Francisco police said. His body was discovered on Wednesday near Pier 39.

His wife Natasha Yi released an agonizing statement following the discovery of his dead body earlier this week. Natasha is also a Wild 94.9 radio host. She shared a heartbreaking post on social media.

“I struggle to write this to you as I can barely breathe or see through the pain and tears. As many of you have already heard, the SFPD found JV,” she wrote on Instagram on Friday.

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“Every moment he was missing was agonizing for me. But the pain I feel now is something I have never felt before. My heart is crushed, and I cannot see myself ever moving forward, ever feeling joy or being at peace,” she said.

Yi said she will not share many details right now. She said JV loved his family, and work and he loved connecting with his audience.

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She asked to remember his laugh, kindness, and the immense impact he had on many of you and our entire community. “JV, my love, I will cherish the time we had together and will miss you until the day I see you again,” she said.

Before he went missing, Vandergrift talked in detail about being diagnosed with Lyme disease and the mental and physical effects it had on him, including the thoughts of suicide.

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Just hours before he went missing, JV said he can handle the body and the pain but can never describe what it is doing to his brain.

Earlier this month, Yi informed on Instagram that “personal information has recently been discovered that leads us to believe JV will not be coming back” and police said, “no foul play is suspected in his disappearance.”

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Yi also said that the amount of compassion for the physical torture J has been going through for the past two years has been overwhelming.