South Korean musicians HyunA and Dawn have been dating since May 2016, Dawn revealed on August 2, 2018. The K-Pop idol couple made an engagement announcement on February 3, 2022. On November 30, 2022, HyunA posted on her Instagram profile that the couple had split up.

“We broke up. We decided to remain as good friends and colleagues from now on. Thank you always for your support and for looking over us fondly,” the post read.

K-pop fans were shocked to learn about their breakup after HyunA announced the news. Many of them expressed their sadness at the news in the post’s comments section. On Twitter, some followers also shared their disbelief.

HyunA, a South Korean singer-songwriter, and Dawn, a South Korean rapper, collaborated on the extended play (1+1=1) together. The EP was distributed by Kakao Entertainment and made available on September 9, 2021, through P Nation. The EP’s title tune, Ping Pong, is one of its four songs.

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Hyuna and Dawn were to release a duet EP, according to P Nation’s announcement on August 30. The EP’s tracklisting was revealed the next day on P Nation’s official social media sites, with Ping Pong identified as the EP’s first single.

On September 9, the EP was made available on numerous Korean internet music platforms, including Melon. The EP was made available on iTunes and Spotify for the international market. Physical copies of it were also made.

HyunA’s song I’m Not Cool was released on January 2021. PSY, HyunA, and DAWN co-wrote the song. I’m Not Cool reached its highest point at positions eight on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart and nine on the Gaon Digital Chart.

HyunA, DAWN, who at the time went by E’Dawn, and PENTAGON’s Hui were all members of the co-ed group Triple H, which released its first single under the name 365 FRESH. The song, which was released in May 2017, is still among their most well-known tracks today.

Apart from collaborating, the couple has also had references to each other in their solo music. In his single, Stupid Cool, Dawn expresses his love for HyunA.

In the song, DAWN explicitly states that HyunA is the only person he should be with while also professing his love for her.

The song’s background features a structure bearing the writing LIFE0510 0+4=143. The couple first started dating on May 10, 2016, therefore the 0510 is a tribute to their anniversary. The 0+4 could be a reference to when they began a new path in their jobs four years ago after establishing their relationship status, and the 143 stands for I love you.

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DAWN collaborated with jewellery designer Yueun Esther Shin to create distinctive engagement rings for him and HyunA. DAWN shared a picture of the ring with the words, MARRY ME, on Instagram when they first announced their engagement. The phrase MARRY ME floats behind Dawn as he delivers the ring in the song video.

He also made a reference in the song’s lyrics to the seven diamonds on their engagement rings.