I am Groot is a collection of five shorts following Baby Groot’s adventure as a mischievous plant. It takes place between the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and its post-credits scenes. I am Groot’s producer Brian Winderbaum mentioned to ComicBook.com that the upcoming animated shot is canon to the MCU’s Earth- 616. 

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But what can be expected from this short series? The San Diego Comic-Con trailer showcased a town of mini aliens, destruction on a spaceship, and some new leafage for Groot. Disney published an official press release for I am Groot which had a plot synopsis for each installment. 

The first short is titled Groot’s First Steps. The episode will see Groot try to take his first steps out of his pot learning that you have to walk before you can run. Lepore mentioned, “I thought it would be really cool to start the whole series having Groot grow out of his pot, sort of like a loose version of a plant-growing time-lapse… that was melded with this idea I had of ‘Groot vs. Tree.”

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The Little Guy is the second short. Groot accidentally uncovers a civilization of miniature blue aliens called the Grunds in this episode. Grunds discover that Groot is the hero they have been waiting for. 

The third short is Groot’s Pursuit. This short is about Groot investigating a spooky noise that has been haunting the Quadrant, the massive Ravager ship that he calls home. Groot comes face to face with Iwua, an intelligent shapeshifting alien who assumes his form. A dance-off between the two will resolve the dilemma about who is actually Groot. The episode also has a voice cameo by James Gunn. 

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The fourth is Groot Takes a Bath. The episode will portray Groot’s fancy new bath concoction leading to the growth of leaves across his body. 

The last will be the Magnum Opus where Groot will be out to paint a family portrait of himself and the Guardians. Rocket comes across Groot’s efforts and discovers how messy the artistic process can be. The episode showcases how Groot goes around stealing things from others because he does not have an art store to go to. 

All five shorts will premiere on Disney+ on August 10, 2022.