Childhood celebrity, bass singer, and influencer Sophia Grace Brownlee announced in a YouTube video on Saturday that she is pregnant with her first child. Brownlee rose to fame after her appearance as a nine-year-old on the Ellen Degeneres show back in 2011.

The 19-year-old made her television debut in the show with her younger cousin Rosie (now 16) for a performance of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”. The video went viral on YouTube and got over 55 million views making her an instant sensation.

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“I am here to tell you guys that I am pregnant,” the 19-year-old bass singer said in the eight-minute clip. “So I am 21 weeks today, and the reason why I left it so long is because I always want to make sure that everything’s completely fine and that everything’s safe.”

She discussed her pregnancy at length after that saying she knew some of her fans will be “very shocked” by the revelation and admitted that she too was shocked when she found out about it. 

She revealed that she has “four months left to go” in the journey with her first child and the 20th-week ultrasound showed that “everything was fine”. 

“I got used to it now, and I’m super, super happy about it. And I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys and definitely have a lot of different content from what I usually have,” she said. 

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Her journey with pregnancy was not easy as she felt “very, very sick for a long time” when her pregnancy started. She said in the video that the sickness from it delayed her announcement to the fans.

She added that she knows about the sex of the video, but will reveal that in a separate video at a point in time when she feels comfortable about it.