Hollywood legend Al Pacino is expecting his fourth child and first with his girlfriend Noor Alfallah, at the age of 83. However, media reports state that his girlfriend’s pregnancy has come as a big shocker to the actor.

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A close source to Al Pacino said that the star and his girlfriend Noor Alfallah were not expecting a baby, as he was not initially interested in the idea of having a fourth child. The couple has merely been dating for a year. The news broke after the couple tried hard to keep their pregnancy a secret from the world, despite being spotted several times together.

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With the arrival of this child, Al Pacino will become the father of four children. The renowned actor has three children from his previous relationships. He has a daughter with acting coach Jan Tarrant, named Julie Marie. He also has twins with actress Beverly D’Angelo, a son named Anton James and a daughter named Olivia Rose.

Noor Alfallah has dated other renowned celebrities too which include Mick Jagger, Clint Eastwood and Nicolas Bergruen, but never had a child before. This will be Alfallah’s first child. When the child turns 18, Al Pacino will be 100 years old.

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Although, Al Pacino becoming a father at the age of 83 is not uncommon. Several renowned personalities became a father in old age. Some instances include Richard Gere, aged 73, who has three children aged 2.5-year-old, 4 years old, and 9 years old. Larry King at the age of 65 has a son. Billy Joel was 71 when he had his last child.

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Fans across the globe were amused by the news of Al Pacino’s 4th child. The news comes after another prominent actor Robert De Niro last month welcomed his 7th child with his girlfriend Tiffany Chen. The 79-year-old actor named her newly born daughter Gia Virginia Chen De Niro.