One of the most celebrated musicians of the last 20 years, Beyonce is continually releasing successful songs for her followers. Recently, there have been rumors that she is getting ready for another project with pop icon Ariana Grande, which fans are looking forward to. Beyonce is still searching her Renaissance bag for fresh releases, too.

There are already rumors circulating regarding a new iteration of Plastic Off The Sofa, which would include Queen Bey and Ariana Grande. Fans’ discovery that both singers reside in the same city fueled the rumors, although nothing has been officially proven as of yet.

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“About Freaking Time,” one fan exclaimed, while others simply rejoiced at the good news. A determined fan looked for some validity in the most recent rumor by figuring out that both stars were in London for their project.

This recent news has both sections’ supporters very happy and eager, and no one on any social media platform appears to be upset about it, so this project may become a huge hit as soon as it is released.

One Twitter user claimed, “ariana specifically posted a photo of Beyoncé singing plastic off the sofa, with 8 exclamation marks. POTS is the 8th track on Renaissance. the last time Beyoncé finished in london, we got an album. POTS REMIX FT ARIANA OUT AT MIDNIGHT GET UP.”

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Another fan commented, “OMG! This collab is everything we needed and more. POTS Remix with Ariana and Beyoncé, let’s gooo!” while a third social media user said, “OMG! This is the collab we never knew we needed but now can’t live without. Beyoncé and Ariana Grande together? TAKE MY MONEY NOW.”

Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar announced a huge remix of the song America Has a Problem earlier this year, which was well received by fans.

In the opening verse of the revised version, Lamar mentions artificial intelligence and claims to be an ‘honorary Beyhive’ member. During his stanza, Kendrick Lamar raps, “Hold up, wait a minute / Even AI gotta practice cloning Kendrick. The double entendre, the encore remnants / I bop like tin men, the opps need ten men.”

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This is not the first song that Beyoncé and Lamar have worked on together. In 2016, Lamar appeared on the song Freedom from Beyoncé’s album Lemonade. He made an appearance on the song NILE from Beyoncé’s The Lion King soundtrack album The Gift in 2019.