Shortly before Ye, formerly known as Kanye West was suspended from Twitter on Friday, December 2, the rapper dropped a massive bombshell on the social media platform when he claimed that he caught Phoenix Suns player Chris Paul with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian having an alleged affair. 

“Let’s break one last window before we get outta here I caught this guy with Kim Good night,” West captioned a photo of Paul from what looked like his college yearbook. He indicated at the time that the aforementioned tweet would be his final post on Twitter before Twitter suspends his account. However, it did not end up becoming his last tweet. 

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The tweet came as a shock to netizens as West provided no other details about the alleged affair. It was also unclear as to when he claimed to discover his ex-spouse with Paul and whether this took place before West and Kardashian’s separation or before.

Twitter users and NBA fans started trolling Paul, insinuating that his poor career stats was due to the infamous “Kardashian curse” — a phrase that people have attributed to the reality show family to mock the way none of the Kardashian sisters are able to retain relationships with men in their life.

It also refers to the fact that only Kardashian women have achieved fame and men who are related to or have come in association with the family have not been successful. However, there is no evidence that such a curse exists.  

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“Kanye nazi thing was supposed to be the big bomb, but chris paul catching strays was the bigger bomb. Also funny how in a world where people always saying nah this is fake, we taking kanye tweet as a 99.9% fact definitive proof that cp3 was banging kim. Also kardashian curse,” one of them said, while another noted, “So that’s why Chris Paul has never won a ring. That Kardashian curse is real”

One more commented, “Chris Paul blowing 5, 2-0 leads makes so much sense now since he got with Kim Kardashian and has the Kardashian curse.” Another said, “So it was the Kardashian Curse on Chris Paul this entire time.” One more stated, “Doc rivers right now knowing it wasn’t him who caused the clippers to choke every year it was just chris Paul had the kardashian curse.” One user noted, “Chris Paul so that 2018 bullshit was the kardashian curse mannn wtf.”

Neither Paul nor Kardashian have addressed the accusations made by West against the two. The Donda singer made the revelation before tweeting an image of Nazi Swastika or Hakenkreuz intertwined with a Star of David as a campaign logo, which got him suspended from the platform.