Tommy Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, on Monday withdrew from his fight against Jake Paul. The YouTube sensation slammed Fury and further announced that he will be  holding a rematch against Tyron Woodley on December 18 instead. 

“I am absolutely heartbroken that I have been forced to withdraw from my fight with Jake Paul due to a bacterial chest infection and broken rib. I really do hope we can get this fight rescheduled in the new year. I want this fight to still happen more than anything,” Fury said in a statement. 

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Reacting to Fury pulling out, Jake Paul said that the British boxer was scared of him. 

“It is official. Tommy Fury is boxing’s biggest b—. He has pulled out of the fight. The Furys have pulled out of the fight due to a ‘medical condition.’ Who knows what the f— is going on in that camp. I couldn’t believe the news at first. It still doesn’t seem real. He fumbled the biggest bag of his life. Now he will be watching at home, paying me $60 instead of getting paid millions of dollars to fight me. I’ve fought with a broke nose. I’ve fought sick. Get the f— over (it). This is boxing.”

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“It’s official. He was scared. I think the pressure got to him, the s— talk got to him,” Paul said in a video posted on his Twitter account. 

He further announced that he will fight Tyron Woodley and has offered him $500,000 if he is able to play a knock out. 

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“Troy, Trey, Trevor, Travis. I don’t give a damn who it is. So, as I predicted Tommy Fumbles and Tyron is there to pick it up, stepping in, and contractually he is getting an extra $500,000 if he knocks me out. First time I outboxed him. This time I’m gonna punish him and leave no doubt.”

Paul won the first fight against Woodley in August via split decision.