Renowned film icon Jane Fonda presented this year’s Palme d’Or award at Cannes to director Justine Triet on Saturday. Fonda tapped Triet on the back as she began to walk away without picking up the traditional scroll that comes with the award, but the director was already away from the podium, and then Fonda just threw the scroll to Triet.

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The video of the incident went viral on social media. The audience broke into laughter after the incident happened. Fonda reacting to the crowd stretched her arms out like WTH?

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Then walked towards the director, who was busy getting a congratulatory hug. Fonda, an honorary Palme d’Or winner, gave Triet the award for her dramatic thriller “Anatomy of a Fall” (“Anatomie d’une Chute”). Fonda reflected on her first visit to the French Film Festival many years ago in her speech.

Fonda said, “There were no women directors competing at that time, and it never even occurred to us that there was something wrong with that”, ” We have a long way to go. But still, we have to celebrate change when it happens”.

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On Friday, the “Book Club: The Next Chapter” star took part in a wide-ranging conversation at the Salle Bunuel theater’s “Rendezvous with Jane Fonda” event. During the interview, she discussed some of the biggest names she’s worked with throughout her long career.

Many Twitter users shared their reaction to the video once it surfaced on the Internet. One user wrote, “This is a special shot, but I think her behavior seems to be disrespectful to everyone because there will be a lot of people watching this award ceremony at this moment.😀”

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“Can’t act anymore so may as well throw the drama around after a few vodka and tonics and enough perfume and aftershave in the room to burn a hole in the sky. What a joke”, another user tweeted.