John Wick fans have reason to rejoice as Lionsgate has confirmed that John Wick 5 is officially in the works. In addition to the highly anticipated film, the company has also shed light on the progress of the John Wick AAA video game. Lionsgate’s president, Joe Drake, revealed these exciting updates during the company’s recent earnings presentation.

Drake expressed the company’s satisfaction with the box office success of John Wick 4 and its desire to maintain momentum. Lionsgate aims to establish a “regular cadence” of John Wick releases, including entries in the core film series as well as spin-offs.

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The first spin-off, titled “Ballerina,” starring Ana de Armas as an assassin, is set to hit theaters next year. Additionally, fans can look forward to “The Continental,” a television series serving as a prequel to the movies.

While discussing the potential for John Wick 5, Drake acknowledged the “will” and “openness” within the company to pursue another installment. However, he emphasized that it is still in the early stages of development. Drake explained that the initial task is to brainstorm ideas and determine if there is a credible way to continue the John Wick narrative in a fifth film.

Originally, the plan was to film John Wick 4 and 5 back to back. However, director Chad Stahelski expressed his creative constraints and decided to focus solely on the fourth installment. This decision ensures that the quality and integrity of the franchise are not compromised.

In addition to the film updates, Drake addressed the ongoing discussions surrounding a John Wick video game. Lionsgate is actively exploring this possibility and has expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for the project. Drake stated that there is a “ton of energy” surrounding the idea of creating a John Wick video game.

Lionsgate had previously mentioned their belief in the potential for a high-quality AAA game based on the John Wick universe. The company has received proposals for such a game and is actively considering its development.

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Notably, there have been previous John Wick games, including Mike Bithell’s strategy game, John Wick Hex, which served as a prequel to the film series. The character of John Wick has also made appearances in popular games like Fortnite and Payday 2. Additionally, a virtual reality game titled John Wick Chronicles was released in 2017.

While details about John Wick 5 and the potential video game are still being developed, it is safe to say that the Baba Yaga’s legacy is far from over.