The DC film Joker is all set to get a second instalment. The sequel to the popular movie will be titled Joker: Folie à Deux. The movie will debut in theatres on October 4, 2024. The second movie will be released exactly five years after the first instalment. It looks that Lady Gaga‘s part in this film will be that of Harley Quinn.

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The American singer posted this tweet confirming the title and release date of the movie:

Joker made over a billion dollars worldwide. Joaquin Phoenix received an Oscar for the same performance. The film itself received 11 Academy Award nominations. Todd Phillips, who also directed the first Joker movie will return to direct the next Joker sequel. The screenplay will be co-written by Phillips and Scott Silver. The Motion Picture Association had granted a R rating to Joker, the first live-action theatrical Batman movie.

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In contrast to the original “Joker,” which was a dark and gritty drama, the sequel will be a musical, and Lady Gaga is anticipated to play Harley Quinn. Although Joker was intended to be a stand-alone movie, a sequel was inevitable when the R-rated blockbuster made more than $1 billion worldwide and won Phoenix an Oscar. According to Variety, Phoenix will receive a $20 million salary for the sequel.

Very little is known about the current movie. In the first movie, at the centre of the narrative was a struggling comic Arthur Fleck, who, feeling defeated by his situation, decides to start killing people. The fictional city of Gotham City serves as the setting for the film. 

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Warner Bros (WB) is making the sequel. It was in news recently after, the $90 million film Batgirl, which was already finished, was cancelled by WB Discovery. While insiders allege the movie was scrapped to recover expenses, earlier rumours suggested Warner Bros.’ new owners wanted to revive the DC film franchise with more movies featuring the Joker and other well-known characters.