Steven Spielberg’s 1993 movie ‘Jurassic Park‘ showed us a world with dinosaurs for the first time, and since then, the franchise has offered a plethora of moments invoking fear, shock, and amazement. Be it the ripples in the glasses of water, signalling the T-Rex’s arrival or the now-iconic refrain that life finds a way, the franchise has kept us enthralled over the years. With ‘Jurassic World Dominion‘ closing the curtains on a fan-favourite film series, here’s a look at some of the most iconic moments in the franchise. 

An unforgettable first look 

The first time visitors see a dinosaur in Jurassic Park will always remain a standout moment. Amazement is evident on their faces as they look up to see a brachiosaurus. 

Trouble with T-Rex 

Spielberg masterfully builds horror in the first movie by keeping the T-Rex concealed for the most part. Even when the apex predator is introduced midway through the film, the arrival is marked by heightened anticipation, before carnage follows. Ultimately, the terror becomes evident as two kids try to survive the attack, while an adult gets chomped off, making for one of the scariest film entrances. 

What’s cooking? Velociraptors vs kids 

The franchise’s technique of capturing terror in scenes with children reached heights in the ‘Jurassic Park’ film. Two velociraptors enter a kitchen where two children are hiding.

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The menacing progress and the kids’ attempt to escape come to a crescendo, when one is distracted by a reflection on a metal surface. This gives the kids a chance to make a run for the door and escape the jaws of a gory death. 

The babysitter has a bad day 

One of the franchise’s epic moments is actually an extremely unlucky one for the character. Zara, the assistant, is charged with babysitting two kids as they tour Jurassic World.

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Unfortunately, she’s snatched by a flying Pteranodon, who drops her into a tank, and picks her up from under the water again, only for both the human and flying dinosaur to be devoured by the larger water-dwelling Mosasaurus. 

Teamwork and loyalty in the dino brawl 

‘Jurassic World’ saw the final battle scene where the Indominus Rex took on T-Rex, in a quest to see who’d emerge as the apex predator. However, the Indominus Rex is about to destroy the T-Rex, when one of the velociraptors jumps onto the dinosaur’s back to distract it, giving the other creature time to rejoin the fight. They push the Indominus Rex towards the water, where the Mosasaurus makes a meal of it. 

Of course, there are other notable moments like Chris Pratt’s character entering the velociraptor enclosure to save his colleague and the instances of dinosaur whispering. The new film promises to bring its share of scenes that will go down as favourites in the franchise.