U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is making a highly-anticipated comeback to the small screen, and fans of the hit series Justified couldn’t be more thrilled. Set to premiere in 2023, Justified: City Primeval is not just a simple cash grab or a half-hearted reboot; it promises to deliver the same gripping drama and modern Western charm that made its predecessor a beloved television classic. With a release date, intriguing plot, talented cast, captivating trailer, and a talented director at the helm, this revival series has all the ingredients for success.

Release Date

Fans won’t have to wait too long to see Marshal Raylan Givens in action once again. “Justified: City Primeval” is set to premiere on July 18, 2023, on the FX network. However, lucky attendees of the 12th ATX Television Festival will get an exclusive first look at the series on June 1, 2023, during a special world premiere event.


The new series follows Raylan Givens as he embarks on a new adventure, leaving behind the familiar backdrop of Miami, Florida, and heading to Detroit. Drawing inspiration from Elmore Leonard’s novel City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit, the show delves into Givens’ encounters with a whole new breed of criminals. The plot revolves around a crazed killer named Clement Mansell, who resurfaces on the streets of Detroit after a courtroom maneuver by his cunning lawyer. Homicide Detective Raymond Cruz is determined to bring Mansell to justice, even if it means bending the rules and risking everything in a thrilling Midwest showdown.

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Timothy Olyphant reprises his role as the charismatic and sharp-witted U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. Olyphant’s portrayal of Givens in the original series garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fan base. Joining him in the cast is Boyd Holbrook, who takes on the role of the notorious “Oklahoma Wildman,” Mansell’s formidable adversary. The ensemble cast also includes Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor, Alexander Pobutsky, Yosef Kasnetzkov, Estavion White, Marin Ireland, Adelaide Clemens, Amin Joseph, and Vondie Curtis-Hall, adding depth and talent to the series.


FX tantalized fans with a brief glimpse of Justified: City Primeval in a sizzle reel released on March 12, 2023. The teaser showcased a range of upcoming shows and gave viewers a taste of what to expect from the new series. A full trailer was later unveiled on May 15, 2023, providing a closer look at Givens’ return and introducing the menacing Clement Mansell. Though the trailer keeps the plot details under wraps, it builds excitement and anticipation for the gritty Western drama that lies ahead.


Justified: City Primeval benefits from the expertise of talented directors who worked on the original series. Jon Avnet, known for his work on Fried Green Tomatoes, and Michael Dinner, who contributed to Mayans M.C., are both returning to lend their creative vision to the sequel series. They are joined by an exceptional team of writers, including Dave Andron, VJ Boyd, Eisa Davis, Taylor Elmore, Chris Provenzano, and Cole Quirk. Additionally, Timothy Olyphant takes on a producing role, further solidifying his commitment to the project.

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With its confirmed release date, intriguing plot, stellar cast, captivating trailer, and talented directorial team, Justified: City Primeval promises to satisfy fans’ cravings for more of Raylan Givens’ riveting adventures.