On Tuesday, a former Playboy model was sentenced to at least ten years in prison after accepting a plea agreement in the 2019 beating death of a California psychiatrist in Las Vegas.

In a Clark County, Nevada courtroom, Kelsey Nichole Turner, who allegedly appeared in Playboy Italia and Maxim, was given a prison sentence of 10 to 25 years for her part in Dr. Thomas Burchard’s passing.

According to authorities, the doctor had an intimate and “transactional” relationship with Turner. The doctor was killed and thrown in Turner’s car in March 2019, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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Here’s all you need to know about Kelsey Turner:

Kelsey Turner net worth:

Kelsey Turner has an estimated net worth of five million as per Net Worth Post. 

Kelsey Turner relationship: 

Turner married Taylor Holmes in 2010 and divorced in 2013. She married Joe Turner in 2014 and divorced in 2017.

Kelsey Turner was in a relationship with Jon Logan Kennison. Turner and Kennison have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 71-year-old psychiatrist Thomas Kirk Burchard of Salinas, California in 2013.

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Her sentence came after her now ex-boyfriend Kennison was given a prison term of 18 to 45 years in July. He admitted to conspiring and second-degree murder. Turner allegedly had “an intimate relationship” with Burchard, according to police and prosecutors, and Burchard was responsible for paying the rent on the Las Vegas property where Turner and Kennison shared a residence with Diana Nicole Pena.

When Burchard went missing, his longtime Salinas girlfriend Judy Earp reported him missing. According to the police, Turner, Kennison, and Pena appeared to have quickly left the house after Burchard was dead.

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Kelsey Turner career:

Turner began her modeling career as a lingerie and swimsuit model for Maxim, Playboy, Players Magazine, Fire and Ice, Modelmania, and OneTen magazines. She has also graced the covers of OneTen, Conceited, and Dream Vixens magazines. Turner is also well-known for her roles in films such as The Promise in 2011 and Wally Got Wasted in 2018. Turner and a partner also launched Badd Barbie, an apparel company, in 2021.

Kelsey Turner family:

Turner was born on May 5, 1993 to Samantha Vaughn.