Pop star Kim Petras has come under fire after being caught in the midst of a social media storm surrounding her interaction with producer Dr. Luke. The backlash erupted when Petras liked a post by Dr. Luke that featured a new song mocking Kesha, who had accused him of sexual assault.

The incident has sparked a heated debate within the music industry and among fans, highlighting the complexities surrounding allegations of abuse and the role of artists in supporting or condemning such behavior.

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The controversy began when Dr. Luke, also known as Lukasz Gottwald, took to social media to share a snippet of a new song that contained derogatory lyrics aimed at Kesha.

The song appeared to taunt Kesha’s allegations against him, causing outrage among supporters of the #MeToo movement and advocates for survivors of sexual assault.

Kim Petras, who had previously collaborated with Dr. Luke on several songs, liked the post, which triggered a wave of criticism directed towards her. Within hours, twitter was flooded with condemnation Petras to clarify her stance on the matter.

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Twitter users even started questioning Kim Petras career and said that she has failed to re-enter the billboard hot 100.

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This incident has reignited the ongoing debate surrounding the responsibility of artists in the face of allegations against their collaborators.

It also highlights the importance of supporting survivors and fostering a respectful dialogue that promotes accountability and empathy within the music industry.