Season 7 of Koffee With Karan has created a huge buzz since its launch. The controversies, rumors, candid and edgy conversations of the celebrities have caught the attention of the show’s audience. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Amir Khan graced the coffee couch for episode 5 of the popular chat show. Apart from the conversations, both celebrities talked about family dynamics and modern parenting. 

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On being asked by Karan Johar about her thoughts on balancing out personal and professional lives, Kareena praised her husband for that.  She said that Saif Ali Khan has great parenting skills. She further added, “Why should it get difficult? Everyone has their time. Saif has had a child every decade, he balances it out beautifully as he says. And it’s like if sometimes we’re all together, that’s great. Sometimes if he wants to have time alone, like a coffee or get an hour or two alone with Sara, he’ll always tell me. He’ll be like I’m sitting with her. I’m going to be alone, I’m going to chill. I wanna give her that particular time. They’ve been on holidays together. I think it’s important for them to bond. They have everything but they have just one father. And it’s so important for Saif also to give each of his children that time. It doesn’t cross my mind the way people discuss it.”

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She also spoke about Taimur’s equation with his father. “Tim likes people. If there are people at home, he wants to be a part of it. He’s also a mini Saif, wanting to be a rockstar, listening to AC/DC and Steely Dan with his father. They have an incredible bond. Tim says, “Abba is my best friend.”

Amir Khan also talked about how he keeps his life balanced. He said, “Since the last few months, I think I’m a changed person. I connect much more now with my family, my kids, with Reena’s parents and Kiran.” The 57-year-old actor also added, “I went through a lot of introspection during Covid. I felt ever since I turned 18, I started working. I am 57 now, in my entire adult life through my film journey, all my relationships, I didn’t nurture like I did my work. I realized suddenly I’ve not spent much time with Ira and Junaid when they were small children.”