Leslie Grace recently shared an unreleased song that she
listened to while she was shooting for the now-canceled film Batgirl. The actor
and singer used to play this song in the background to behind-the-scenes
footage from the canceled DC movie that she had previously posted on TikTok

Grace posted the Batgirl footage on her Instagram profile with a
caption, reminiscing how she wrote the song “Bad Girls Get Lonely Too” in 2020
with Lauren LaRue over a Zoom call “TWO YEARS BEFORE landing a superhero role
that changes your life”.

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Grace claimed that the song that she penned three months into
the pandemic over Zoom has now become her “new theme song.”

She said that she recorded a rough vocal remotely and
then later revisited the demo because they considered the song to be special.
She further wrote that during the filming procedure of Batgirl, she listened to
it every now and then as, she claims, it was her habit to share unreleased
music with some of the members of the cast and crew while traveling
particularly “on long night shoots during delirium hour.”

The In The Heights actor narrated that as she replayed the song
on and on, it started sounding like “Batgirls Get Lonely Too”. 

“It made me laugh,” she continued. “At the time, i figured i was
either going way too method with my approach and everything was becoming
weirdly meta for me or we really might’ve dimensión hopped while writing this
song and projected the future LOL!”  her caption read.

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According to her, the song’s interpretation got a whole new
dynamic over the last few weeks “as if it were written with all of the recent
events in mind! So I had to share!”

She ended the caption with a thank you note to everyone for
their love and support after her video on TikTok was shared widely.