The much beloved trickster from the Thor films and the star of his own miniseries is making a comeback to Disney+ as Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege announced Loki season 2 at the 2022 San Diego Comic Con. 

Played by the charismatic Tom Hiddleston, the Norse god of trickery is coming back Summer 2023. The show’s titular character was critical in setting up the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Loki introduced the concept of “variants” different versions of an individual in a different reality.

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These variants are kept in line by the TVA, the Time Variance Authority, an organisation dedicated to maintaining one single “timeline.” If a timeline diverges from its set path, then it is purged. As the first season of Loki progresses, it becomes clear that a higher being has set certain events in motion. In the show’s final epsiode, it is revealed that Kang had been acting as the herald of the prime timeline. Certain events transpire that lead to this death which causes the timelines to split and break. 

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As the series ends, Loki ends up back at the TVA but the only difference is, its not the TVA that he had been captured by in the starting of the show. Season 2 of the show is likely to pick up right from there. Viewers can expect twists and turns akin to antics of the trickster when the show comes back next year, with a healthy dose of Easter Eggs to boot. 

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Even as Phase 4 of the MCU ends this year, and Phase 5, the Multiverse Saga begins, it will be interesting for both viewers and critics to see how Marvel navigates telling stories of alternate realities and branching timelines. If there’s anything to go by, ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ and ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ have done a good job at introducing characters from alternate timelines and resolving stories surrounding them.