Loretta Lynn, the Dear Uncle Sam famed country music legend, died aged 90 on Tuesday at her Tennessee home. The three-time Grammy winner’s death on October 4 was confirmed by her family members. Lynn is survived by her four children and extended family. He husband died in 1996 after 48 years of marriage. 

Loretta Lynn married her husband Oliver Lynn in 1948. Oliver Lynn was an American talent manager who worked with several country music stars in his career. Although Oliver helped build Loretta’s career, the duo always had a strained relationship. 

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She has accused her husband of cheating on her several times, according to a CBS interview. In her 2002 autobiography, Still Woman Enough, she described her domestic abuse as “one of the hardest love stories”, but added that, “he never hit me one time that I didn’t hit him back twice.” 

Loretta and Oliver had six children: Patsy Lynn, Jack Benny Lynn, Betty Sue Lynn, Ernest Ray Lynn, Cissy Lynn and Peggy Lynn. Patsy and Peggy Lynn are both country music singers and they perform together under the name The Lynns.

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Ernest Ray Lynn died of an accident at their Hurricane Mills home while her eldest daughter Betty died from complications of emphysema. Not much detail is known about Cissy Lynn.

Although she came from a background of poverty and heartbreak, Lynn made it big with her music in the later part of her life. With three-decade-long career including many hits, she was one of country music’s biggest stars ever.

Her exact net worth is hard to determine, but according to estimates online, Lynn was somewhere around $65 million rich.

Her Hurricane Mills ranch was ranked the seventh top attraction in Tennessee.