Love Is Blind Season 4 has returned and with it comes a new group of singles looking to find love while potentially causing trouble in the process. One of the participants is Kwame Appiah.

Who is Kwame Appiah?

Kwame has been identified as the Most Likely to Get Dragged due to his behavior throughout the experiment. Despite this, he forms two meaningful relationships with Micah Lussier and Chelsea Griffin in the pods.

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Kwame ultimately decides to dump Micah and propose to Chelsea, but things get complicated when he has a conversation with Micah during a pool party, causing concern for their partners, Paul Pedon and Chelsea. The trailer for the remainder of the season shows that Kwame and the others will be discussing whether they made the right choices.

Here is everything you need to know about Kwame Appiah, including his job, age, net worth, and Instagram presence.

Kwame Appiah (Photo: Instagram/@ayokwam)


Kwame Appiah is a former professional soccer player who played for the Philadelphia Fury and the Delaware Stars. He is currently the head of community development for The Common Room, a business platform that helps businesses connect with their market. He also has a professional photography site where he offers services for weddings, events, headshots, and marketing.


Kwame Appiah is 33 years old, which places him in the middle of the age range for the group of singles on the show. Chelsea is 31 years old, while Micah is 27.

Net worth

There is no information available about Kwame Appiah’s net worth.


Kwame Appiah is quite active on Instagram, where he shares selfies, travel photos, and throwbacks to his soccer days. His username is  @ayokwam. He also occasionally posts motivational content. Notably, he and Chelsea do not follow each other on the platform, while he does follow Micah.

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There is no current information about his family, but it is known that he worked as a server at Ruby Tuesday and as an associate at an Apple Store in the past.

Love Is Blind Season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix, with episodes 6-8 set to air on March 31, episodes 9-11 on April 7, and the finale on April 14.