Love Is Blind Season 4 has introduced us to a host of new and interesting contestants. One such standout is environmental scientist Paul Peden, who is looking for love on the hit reality show.
But who is Paul Peden, and what do we know about him? Let’s dive in and take a closer look at his age, job, net worth, Instagram, and family.

Paul Peden (Photo: Instagram/@paulpeden)

Who is Paul Peden?

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Although Paul Peden’s birthdate is unknown, we do know that he is 29 years old. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Paul has since relocated to Seattle, Washington.


He is an environmental scientist by trade, with a passion for the great outdoors and nature. Paul’s Instagram page is filled with photos of him fishing, scuba diving, and traveling the world.

Net Worth

Unfortunately, we do not have information on Paul Peden’s net worth. As a relatively unknown reality TV star, it’s hard to gauge his earnings at this point. However, Love Is Blind is a hugely popular show, so it’s possible that he will make a considerable income from his time on the series.


For those interested in following Paul Peden on Instagram, his handle is @paulpeden. As mentioned, his page is filled with photos of his outdoor adventures, travel, and friends and family. He also seems to have a passion for cooking, with several TikTok videos featuring his culinary skills.

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There is little information available on Paul Peden’s family. It’s unclear whether he has siblings or if he is close with his parents. However, it’s clear from his social media posts that he has a tight-knit group of friends and enjoys spending time with them.