Singer Madonna’s eldest sibling Anthony Ciccone died on Friday evening, her brother-in-law Joe Henry announced on social media Saturday. He was 66 years old. Madonna has seven siblings. Her brothers are Anthony Ciccone, Martin Ciccone, Christopher Ciccone, Mario Ciccone. Her three sisters are Paula Ciccone, Melanie Ciccone, Jennifer Ciccone.

Anthony Ciccone

Anthony worked in the family’s vineyard but lost his job. As per, he was living without a house for seven years and slept on the street. He spent his days under a bridge in Michigan and struggled with alcoholism. In 2013, he was arrested after resisting an officer in a public bathroom. Anthony said that Madonna did not care about him and that the feeling was mutual.

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During an interview in 2011, he said, “I’m a zero in their eyes – a non-person. I’m an embarrassment. If I froze to death, my family probably wouldn’t know or care about it for six months.”

Martin Ciccone

Similarly to Anthony, Martin also struggled with alcohol throughout his lifetime. At the age of 55, he finally got into rehab and managed to get clean.  Martin is Madonna’s second oldest brother who was born in 1957.

After this experience, Martin decided to work in the clinic, helping others get sober. He has been arrested 3 times for drunk driving and also spent three months in prison during one of the times. Martin said that he had tried to help his brother Anthony but always found resistance.

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Madonna supported Martin financially. Talking about Madonna, Martin said, “We are on good terms and she’s helping me out. She’s getting me some new teeth. I’m hoping to start doing voiceover work again for cartoons and video games and get back on my feet.”

Christopher Ciccone

Christopher Ciccone was born in 1960. Christopher is very close to his sister. He has even joined her on tour. He attended Western Michigan University before deciding to study at Oakland University.

In 1980, Christopher worked as a professional dancer at the La Groupe de La Place Royale. Two years later, he moved to New York to help his sister as a backup dancer. Christopher eventually served as the director of Madonna’s Blond Ambition World Tour in 1990. Apart from working with his sister, Christopher also directed music videos for other celebrities such as Dolly Parton and Tony Bennett.

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Christopher is also a great interior designer, working in this field since 1985.

Mario Ciccone

Mario Ciccone is Madonna’s youngest sibling and was born in 1969. He became the manager of Ciccone Vineyard & Winery, which is his parents’ business. He likes to keep his life private.

Paula Ciccone

Paula tried to pursue an art career and later tried her hand at modeling. She moved to New York where she shared an apartment with actress and producer Jorja Fox. At the beginning of her career, she appeared on Rolling Stones and appeared in several advertisements.

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Melanie Ciccone

Melanie was born in 1962 and attended Michigan State University. She graduated in 1985 where she studied Spanish literature and language. Melanie first worked at the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) and later in life decided to join Warner Records and FAO. Currently, she works as an entrepreneur producing embroideries, prints, quilts with textile illustrations, and mixed media.

Jennifer Ciccone

Jennifer Ciccone is Madonna’s youngest sister and was born in 1968. Unfortunately, there is not much information about her as she likes to keep her life private.