One of the highly esteemed award ceremonies in the entertainment industry, the Academy Awards, popularly called the Oscars is now live on ABC. Fans waiting for the prestigious event can tune in at 8 pm ET (or 5 pm PT) for the live broadcast of the 95th edition of the Oscars.

Troy Kotsur, the Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor at the 2022 Academy Awards offered 2023’s Oscar winners some advice. “Don’t leave it in your car and make sure you zip up your fly,” before accepting the award the actor told Associated Press on the carpet.

Kotsur also said that he likes the Oscars as it’s one of the few occasions when the acting community comes together. “It’s like a family reunion,” he added.

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The Arizona-born actor, who stars in 2021’s feature film CODA has a success span wider than the silver screen. The best-supporting actor winner in the Oscars for 2022 was for his performance in CODA.

In the film, which was also up for Best Picture at the 2022 Oscars, Kotsur played the father of a teenage daughter named Ruby (played by Emilia Jones itself), who’s the only hearing person in her family and has dreamt of becoming a singer.

The movie’s name, CODA stands for Children of Deaf Adults. It is a story of children who can listen but grew up in a family where American sign language (ASL) is now their primary form of communication and are members of the Deaf community.

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The 54-year-old Kostur is married to Sue Thomas’ Deanne Bray. She was born Deaf but is bilingual in both English and ASL. They met for the first time at the National Theatre of the Deaf in Connecticut in 1993.