Masterchef has been renewed at Fox for season 13, as the twelfth season comes to an end with three chefs going up against each other to win a grand prize of $250,00. 

The network said Masterchef is averaging 4.7 million viewers across platforms. Here’s all you need to know about Masterchef Season 13. 

Masterchef Season 13 release date 

Masterchef Season 13 is slated to release in summer 2023, as per TVLine. 

Masterchef Season 13 judges

Chef Aarón Sánchez and restaurateur Joe Bastianich along with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who’s been a mainstay on the Fox network with various shows. 

Ramsay’s Next Level Chef has a ripe Super-Bowl spot the next year, while Hell’s Kitchen and Food Stars are already airing. Fox, in its partnership with Studio Ramsay Global, wants to build out an extended universe of the chef’s shows, and reality chief Rob Wade told Deadline that there’s space for more Ramsay shows on the network.

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However, cognizant of scheduling issues, he said to Deadline, “We’re probably going to parse them out so it doesn’t feel like they’re on top of each other. The theory is much like ABC does with The Bachelor, to do them all year round. In the summer you can have MasterChef, in the fall you can have Hell’s Kitchen and then a little break before Next Level Chef and Food Stars. It means they roll into each other rather than being on top of each other”.

Masterchef Season 13 contestants and format 

The thirteenth season is still on the lookout for contestants, and while there have been some tweaks to the show over the seasons, the core tests have remained the same. 

There is a skills test based on common cooking styles and techniques. The mystery box forces chefs to get creative after they all receive the same ingredients in boxes. Next comes the elimination test, where judges evaluate the dishes, eliminating the worst ones and booting one contestant from the show, by the end of the test. 

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The chefs are split into teams and they compete against each other in the team challenge. The losing team chefs have to compete against one another in a pressure test, which is the same as an elimination test, except that the time is limited and the dish usually requires plenty of cooking finesse. 

As contestants start getting eliminated, it reduces the number to two or three, at which point they compete among themselves – cooking a three-course meal – for the grand prize of being crowned the Masterchef.