A video went viral on social media of Matt Healy rushing into a Taylor Swift’s building with a so-called overnight bag.

The video apparently was shot Thursday night by an enigmatic shutterbug, but it only began to circulate on social media on Friday. It’s obvious that Matt tried to blend in as he sprinted inside Taylor’s building, but it obviously didn’t. As there has been a clear indication of him and Swift shipping together. It is also not wrong to say that the public’s interest in Healy’s life has also increased drastically. Let’s dive in a little to know more about Healy.

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Net worth-

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Matthew Healy has an estimated net worth of around $15 million.


Matt Healy is 34-year-old

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Currently, Matt Healy is enjoying a lot of limelight as he is said to be dating music sensation, Taylor Swift. Though looking at prior relationships, there are several rumors of him dating Canadian model Charlotte Briar D’Alessio and FKA Twigs. He also dated Gabriella Brooks from 2015 to 2019, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

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Matthew Healy is the lead singer, guitarist, and pianist for the Manchester-based indie rock band known as “The 1975”. To his friends, he is known as Truman Black Matty or simply Matty. He was exposed to music at a young age because both of his parents worked in the entertainment industry.


Matt’s parents are actor Tim Healy and actress Denise Welch. He also has a brother named Louis. 

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The video has ignited a storm of rumors about the nature of Matt Healy and Taylor Swift’s relationship. Given their individual star power and the fact that both are renowned for their heartfelt lyrics and passionate performances, fans have been quick to imagine a potential romantic connection.