Regardless of COVID’s impact, the film has moved into the top ten most grossing films of all time as fans flocked to theatres to see Tom Holland‘s latest adventure as the Marvel hero.

When ‘No Way Home‘ debuted in theatres around the world last month, it had the third-largest opening weekend of any film ever, trailing only the Avengers films Infinity War and Endgame, both of which also star Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

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The picture was well-received by critics, but it may struggle during award season, as BAFTA has barred it from receiving any nominations.

The awards have a lot of clout in the industry, and they frequently serve as a forerunner to the Oscars, which are held just two weeks later, in terms of forecasting the winners.

BAFTA has informed its tens of thousands of voters that the film does not match the eligibility requirements, which include being posted to the academy’s private streaming site before the first round of voting ends.

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According to reports, Sony’s refusal to enable the film to be posted to BAFTA’s platform was due to piracy concerns.

In a statement to Sky News, BAFTA said, “Spider-Man: No Way Home did not meet the eligibility criteria for the EE British Academy Film Awards 2022 and therefore did not qualify for entry. As outlined in our rulebook, all films must be made available to voting members on BAFTA View prior to Round One voting closing to ensure fairness and parity for all titles and the film was not made available by the distributor.”

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However, there may be some good news for the film’s chances when it comes to events on the other side of the Atlantic, with Holland reportedly set to host the Academy Awards this year.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that this is part of a push to get Spider-Man into the big categories.

Only one superhero film has ever been nominated for an Academy Award for best picture (Marvel’s Black Panther from 2018), but the success of No Way Home may force the judges’ hand.