American rapper Megan Thee Stallion was spotted with footballer Romelu Lukaku holding hands at a wedding on Monday.

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On May 30, Inter Milan soccer player Lautaro Martinez married in Italy, and Megan Thee Stallion attended the wedding of Martinez’s teammate Romelu Lukaku. The development comes amid rumors of Megan Thee Stallion breaking up with rapper Pardison Fontaine.

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As the photos of the Megan and Lukaku holding hands surfaced on the internet. Fans took no time and gave instant approval to the rumored couple. Several fans shared pictures of both stars together and wished them well, while several made sarcastic comments about Pardison Fontaine amid the rumors of Pardison and Megan’s breakup.

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One user while sharing the picture wrote, “Wait her and Pardi aren’t together anymore?  I be missing stuff but it’s also not my business to care I suppose lmao as long as she’s happy.”

While another said, “Woke up to Megan holding somebody hand and it’s not PARDI oh yk I’m smiling 😁😁😁”.

While some expressed shock at their rumored split, a user wrote, “As someone who was rooting for Megan and Pardi I am currently crying and throwing up.”

For months, rumors have circulated that Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison Fontaine had called it quits. Fans assumed the worst when she allegedly unfollowed Pardi on Instagram in February, though it was unclear whether she was following him in the first place.

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Previous month, Pardi also shared a video post on Instagram where he performed a poem targeting Megan, where he said, “You’re a survivor but not a victim, somewhere in between ‘God forgive him’ and ‘I gotta get him,” the poem began. “That’s why you don’t ever let these bit—s get you out your rhythm/ You treat these n***as like they’re buy one get one/ You out here working to keep your mind off hurting.”