Favorite local performer Michael Grimm, who astonished viewers by winning Season 5 of “America’s Got Talent,” has been confined to the hospital for the past week due to a “mystery” ailment. He has been sedated and is in intensive care.

Lucie Grimm, the singer’s wife revealed over the phone on Tuesday that Grimm became ill on May 26, three days after his most recent performance at Piazza at Tuscany Suites, with an unexplained illness. Over the past several days, Lucie says, “I’ve been living at the ICU. He’s been fighting for his life. He’s been in and out of consciousness. He’s not mentally with us.”

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She stated in the heartbreaking video that Michael “remains unconscious” but is now breathing independently once more. He canceled three more shows during Memorial Day Weekend before being brought to the hospital on May 30.

Heath Grimm had been “up and down” for the previous month, according to Lucie Grimm, until his behavior turned “incoherent.” On Tuesday afternoon, she wrote about his struggles on Facebook.

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“All of a sudden he was stumbling in from the bedroom, his skin was yellowish, he was mumbling to me, and my girlfriend who was there,” Grimm said. “We grabbed him, asked, ‘What’s going on, Michael? He was saying, ‘I’m OK, I’m OK,’ but within minutes, he was saying, ‘I’ve gotta go, I’ve gotta go.’”

Lucie claimed that first, she believed Grimm may have suffered a stroke, but “that wasn’t the case.” She claimed he was showing symptoms of being unwell, including low energy and difficulty finishing previous performances. He eventually found it difficult to even lift his head, let alone walk.

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He was then brought to the hospital, where his condition deteriorated further. He began speaking in “gibberish,” and as his blood pressure soared, he ended up in the intensive care unit, where he is still being treated today.

Since he has been confined to a bed for more than a week, Lucie informs her husband that physical treatment will be required. Lucie said “he is improving, so that is good. It’s just taking time.”