R’Bonney Gabriel of the USA was crowned Miss Universe 2022 on Saturday night as she beat contenders from 83 countries across the globe to get that title. But soon after, fans of the show took to social media to claim ‘Miss Universe is rigged.’

Fans started claiming that Gabriel’s win had been the result of “favoritism” and provided a number of evidence to support their claim. One of the instances cited by the fans in this context was Gabriel’s attire during the costume segment of the pageant, which was so massive that she could hardly walk in it. 

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Her costume paid tribute to NASA’s Apollo 11 lunar landing and the current Artemis program featuring an actual scale-sized moon that was held up over her head by an intricate frame that included silver stars and a glowing red, white and blue costume. 

Many of the people also pointed to the fact that Miss Dominican Republic Andreina Martinez Founier or Miss Venezuela Amanda Dudamel were more deserving of the title because their answers were better than Gabriel. 

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“This goddess should’ve won. MISS UNIVERSE IS RIGGED,” one of them wrote, while another said, “She didnt respect the response time, her answers were not as complete and good as Venezuela’s

I really want to know what did you consider to make this woman Miss Universe

Literally NO ONE understand this result


A third wrote, “THE WAY THEY WENT TO SUPPORT MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC WHILE MISS USA WERE TALKING WITH THE OWNER OF MISS UNIVERSE. THIS IS SO CLEAR ANDREINA WAS ROBBED FR.” One more stated, “Bruh miss universe is rigged how miss USA always wins? wtf.” Another wrote, “Miss universe is RIGGED (wbk) dominican republic had THE best answer from the 3 and within the time limit.”

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Gabriel’s win was also questioned by her fellow contenders who said it was suspected that NIZUC spas, a beauty treatment company that offers a price to the winner featured Gabriel in an ad less than 24 hours after she won.

In her defense, Gabriel claimed that she was a brand ambassador for NIZUC’s affiliate company MIA Beaute.