’ Season 5 Volume 2 has dropped on Netflix, and the world is about to find
out what happens to the Dali gang. However, hours after it was released, the
series got leaked online. ‘Money Heist’ is the latest in a long line of films
and shows to be targeted by torrent sites who pirate content. It is available
for free in high definition, and those with Telegram can access the series.

such leaks are an increasing concern to the show makers, whose earnings take severe
hits. The second volume has five episodes, which culminates in showing us the
Professor’s genius as the gang pulls off their biggest and most daring heist. While
this concludes the show’s run, on Netflix, the platform has already announced a
spinoff on Berlin’s backstory, much to the joy of fans. The new series will
focus on Berlin and the Professor’s early days, and is slated to release in

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a Korean adaptation of ‘Money Heist’ is on the way as well, and Alex Pina, the
creator of the Spanish series has expressed his confidence in the upcoming show’s
success. He said that Korean show makers have the ability to ensure their
content transcends cultural boundaries and appeal to a global audience. The
craze about the series is understandable. Before ‘Squid Game’, the heist show
was the most watched non-English content on Netflix. However, the fact is that
despite the viral popularity of the show, there are many who cannot access the
premium streaming service. Hence, a section of the fans has to resort to piracy
to see their favourite characters in action.

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viewers might make the individual choice to resort to piracy, there has been a heightened
crackdown both in India and all over the world on piracy sites. Pundits believe
that a change might come if individuals using the sites are targeted
specifically, rather than targeting those who run them.