Berlin’s story will continue in 2023 even as ‘Money
’ comes to an end after a glorious run. The second part of the fifth and
final season is set to drop on Netflix on December 3, 2021. However, the Spanish
heist drama, that found new life on the streaming platform, is not quite done
yet. Netflix posted a tweet confirming that a spinoff, titled ‘Berlin: A New Series’
would be arriving. They captioned it saying that the heist might be over, but
the tale continues.

This ties in with creator Alex Pina’s earlier hints
that ‘Money Heist’ would have possible spinoffs in the future. Understandably, it
will focus on the enigmatic Berlin or Andrés de Fonollosa’s origin story. Pedro
Alonso will reprise his role as the fan favorite character. When Berlin is
introduced in ‘Money Heist’ we see him as the Professor’s older brother. In
all likelihood, the spinoff will serve as a prequel to the Netflix hit series,
and we will get to see the younger forms of Berlin and the Professor, before
they pulled off some of their biggest heists.  

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spoke about the upcoming series, showing confidence that the makers would add
every possible twist and turn to keep fans on the edge of their seats. He
acknowledged the difficulty in spinning off such a popular series, saying that
it could be a burden or prison. However, he hoped that the entire team would
have the courage to use their wonderful energy and risk everything in making
the spinoff a success.

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this moment Netflix has not released too many details about the upcoming
series, and the exact release date remains unknown as well. However, in the
meanwhile, fans can gear up to watch the gang’s attempt to rob the Bank of
Spain in the final instalment.