From the third season onwards, the main antagonist of the
show Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) has been Alicia
Sierra who is played by the 49-year-old Spanish singer and actress Najwa Nimri
Urrutikoetxea. She is no stranger to popularity and has enjoyed a stellar
career since setting foot in the Spanish entertainment industry. She made her
first appearance in season 3 as the replacement for Inspector Raquel Murillo (who
switched sides and joined the gang). She is the one who tortured Rio; brought
Nairobi’s son, luring her to the window and gave a sniper permission to shoot
her; held the Professor at gunpoint.

Her first appearance
could have deceived anyone as she came in with a lollipop in hand and a pregnant belly. However, it became clear that she is anything but a soft-hearted
person from her introduction as she said, “I’m Alicia Sierra for those who don’t know me.
And I’m going to be in charge of this robbery’s negotiations. The party begins”’

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you have to go against the Professor then she is the one you would want in your
corner, without a shade of doubt. Her ruthless, unpredictable, merciless, inhuman,
confident and unsympathetic nature combined with her mastery of manipulation
makes her the perfect antagonist. This leads to a mouth-watering contest
between a psychopath and a criminal mastermind. With the perfection
that Najwa has played this character with, it seems impossible to believe that
this is her first villainous role.

never plays fair and goes by the motto ‘If I go down, I’ll take you with me.’
This was put on display when she was thrown under the bus by Tamayo and the
Spanish Government. Instead of taking all the blame or denying the allegations
she exposed the authorities, she was then fired from the police force and has
been on the run with a warrant out for her arrest. However, she isn’t one to
back down from a fight and she had vowed to bring the heist to an end. She goes
after the Professor alone and puts him at gun point at the end of season 4.

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outsmarts him at a number of occasions, takes risks and does whatever is
necessary to achieve her goals. However, her water breaks and she is forced to
untie the Professor to deliver her baby and gives birth to a daughter, Victoria.

It remains unclear whether she will join the Professor or continue to try and
sabotage him. This remains the biggest mystery of the final chapter that the
fans are eagerly for.