Sergio Marquina, often known as “The Professor,” is portrayed by Alvaro Morte in the Netflix series Money Heist. He was the mastermind of the Royal Mint of Spain heist and subsequently directed the Bank of Spain heist, which was orchestrated by Berlin. The Professor has been plotting robberies since he was a teenager. In order to avoid registration, he stopped renewing his identity card when he was 19.

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“The Professor’s” kind eyes, silky beard, tailored suit, and classic spectacles are the first things people notice about him. The character’s intellect is the first psychological trait he establishes. As a result of his thorough examination of the issue, he formulates his strategies. Despite this, he is emotionally inept. There are times when it appears he has difficulty comprehending how others feel, yet he is an expert at knowing how people think.

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Even the professor’s physical demeanors, such as pushing his spectacles or folding origami when he’s on the phone contribute to the character‘s depth. When he is nervous or stressed, his facial expressions may not reveal these minor details. Generally speaking, the professor has a calm, disciplined, and reserved personality. He almost always uses his hands to seal his body. He attempts, and to some part succeeds, in hiding his feelings behind this mask.

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The professor is a slavish follower of his habits and rituals. Everything he does, from what he eats to how he sleeps to how he exercises, testifies to his commitment to his routines. His dedication and constancy are also the results of adhering to his personal routines. He exhibits symptoms of an OCD patient at times, such as repeating tasks multiple times to assure perfection or organizing stuff in order like a robot. However, labeling him as a whole as having a personality disorder would be unjust. Perfectionist is a better fit for him. He always has a strategy for everything and makes sure to stick to it.