Season 4 of You has returned, and Joe Goldberg has a brand-new identity, occupation, residence, and set of friends to go along with them.

After the shocking season 3 finale, in which Joe killed his wife Love Quinn and pretended to die before leaving their infant boy Henry in the care of his coworker Dante, he departed for Paris, France, in an effort to find his love interest Marienne Bellamy. 

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However, we now know that Joe will be residing in London as a college lecturer by the name of Jonathan Moore in the fourth season of the Netflix drama.

Love Quinn, portrayed by Victoria Pedretti, was a pivotal figure in seasons 2 and 3 of the television series You. She became Joe’s latest fixation in season 2, and towards the conclusion of the season, it became clear that she was not only happy with Joe’s history of murder but also a skilled killer.

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Then, in season 3 of the Netflix series, we witnessed a now-married Joe and Love, along with their little son Henry, move to the suburbs. Love continued to kill, and Joe continued to be fixated, but neither of them was able to alter their behavior.

Is Love Quinn still alive? 

No, Joe killed her at the end of season 3, effectively preventing a comeback. 

The same poison Love used to paralyze and unintentionally kill her first husband, James, when he tried to leave her, she used to try to paralyze Joe in the thriller series’ third season finale. 


To avoid being affected by the aconite, Joe took some steroids. As a result, Love was killed by her own poison. Then he faked his own death, staged her suicide, baked his toes in a pie, and set fire to their home.