As a father of twin daughters, American comedian and actor Ken Jeong said that his upcoming animated film ‘Over The Moon’ is for all those girls searching for role models in their formative years.

The 51-year old actor, popular for his roles in the blockbuster hit ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and ‘Hangover’ movie series, said that the film, which is led by an all Asian-American voice cast, has “strong female characters”, voiced by the likes of comic Margaret Cho and Emmy winner Sandra Oh.

In an online interview, Jeong told PTI, “I have fraternal twin daughters, they are 13. They are both active in science, academics, and writing. This movie is for them. It”s so strong to have an Asian American animated film but more importantly to have a film with so many strong female characters.”

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“I think about my daughters all the time. Who are their role models? People like Margaret Cho, Sandra Oh, Phillipa Soo, Cathy Ang – they are all in this movie,” he added.

‘Over The Moon’ is directed by Oscar-winning animation legend Glen Keane. The film follows a bright young girl named Fei Fei, who is passionate about science and builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of Chang’e, a legendary Moon Goddess.

“To have an animated movie with an all-Asian American cast. Not only that it’s a wonderful story, great script, great director, producers and also ethnicity notwithstanding one of the most talented voices cast in animated films recently that I’ve been a part of. Collectively, we have created something that is truly unique,” Jeong said.

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The famous comedian also features in the film and plays Gobi, a green alien glowworm who becomes a part of Fei Fei’s adventure on the moon, credited director Keane for bringing out his performance.

“With Fei Fei having had this kind of emotional and scientific resilience and using her imagination to go through something incredibly tragic and intense, to me, that defines her character.”

“When it comes to Gobi, I think it’s a reminder that every character whether they are on the moon or earth, they are going through some pain,” he said.

‘Over The Moon’ is slated to be released on Netflix on October 23.