Actor Paul Grant, who is famous for starring in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, was found by police collapsed outside Kings’ Cross station Thursday afternoon after his life support machine was tragically switched off. He was rushed to the hospital but doctors declared him brain dead.

Paul Grant girlfriend

Paul’s girlfriend Maria Dwyer, 64, said: “Paul was the love of my life. The funniest man I know. He made my life complete. Life is never going to be the same without him.”

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Paul Grant ex-wife Janet Crowson

Paul is divorced and shares his daughter Sophie with his ex-wife Janet Crowson.

Paul Grant age

At the time of his death, he was 56 years old

Paul Grant drug abuse

He once revealed how his life had hit rock bottom following the collapse of his marriage and he started taking drugs. In 2014, Paul was pictured snorting a white powder. He told a newspaper he had blown his film cash on drugs and alcohol.

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Speaking to the Mirror almost ten years ago, Grant said: “My family has disowned me and work has dried up. I’ve been on cocaine and it has just got worse. I’m drinking and smoking what I can get. I want to get back to where I was.”

A family friend told The Sun: “He was a lovely bloke. He’s always battled with drugs and alcohol addiction but he was a talented actor. He called himself the ‘King of the Dwarfs’. It’s so sad.”

Paul Grant career

He starred alongside Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill in Star Wars and also appeared in Harry Potter. Paul Grant had previously claimed work dried up after appearing in Star Wars and Harry Potter.

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The star claimed to have “lost everything” after his life took a turn. He told The Sunday Mirror: “I had a family, I was married, now I’m divorced. I’ve lost everything. I’ve not got anything, my things, pictures, clothes are all over the place. I don’t know what I want at the moment. I had money, I blew it all. I spent it on drugs and prostitutes.”

His past credits include 1998’s Willow, 1985’s Legend, Labyrinth in 1986 and Deuce Bigalow 2.