Pedro Pascal has been blowing up social media as he hits the screens playing the main role of ‘Joel’ in the new Disney + smash hit ‘The last of us’ which is based on the 2013 video game of the same name and drops us into a post-apocalyptic world ravaged as much by humans as the zombie-like Infected.  


Pedro Pascal is worth $10 million. His theatrical, television and film productions have contributed to the star’s wealth. He also receives several brand sponsorships and partnerships. 

Pedro leads a humble life and frequently serves others despite being a millionaire.  He does not flaunt his opulent way of living. 

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He does, however, reside in a home in a gated neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The celebrity also has a residence in New York City. 

He also contributes to social issues including the Black Lives Matter movement and transgender rights. 


Pedro Pascal, who was born on April 2, 1975, will be 47 years old in 2023. He was raised in a business family from Santiago, Chile, where he was brought up. He is of American and Chilean descent.  He practices his faith as a Christian. 


Pascal is not married and is not a parent. He has, however, previously been a committed lover to a number of stunning ladies, the majority of whom are actors. 

 The actor and actress Robin Tunney were allegedly dating in 2015. As these two were leaving a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles, paparazzi saw them. 

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 Additionally, they had a number of red-carpet appearances while holding hands. As a result, this fueled those rumors. 


Pedro has made various film and television appearances, to mention a few: Homeland, The Mentalist, Graceland, etc. 

He was also chosen to play Oberyn Martell in the fourth season of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Being one of the biggest fans of the show, Pedro said, he considers it an honor to be a part of it. 

In Law & Order, he also had a role as a kidnapper. Pascal is also involved with theatre. 

 He is not only a talented actor, but also a seasoned director. In various plays, such as “Beauty of the Father,” “Maple and Vine,” “Sand,” “Based on a True Story,” etc., he has made an appearance. 

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Furthermore, he was in Sia’s music video for “Fire Meet Gasoline.” He played the titular character in The Mandalorian, one of his most well-known works. 

Pascal played Maxwell Lord in the film “Wonder Woman 1984.” Pascal has demonstrated his abilities in his ventures, whether he is performing or directing. 

 The Last of Us is perhaps Pascal’s most publicized and recent project. The popular video game with the same name that inspired the series is called The Last of Us. 

 The series has been released on Disney + this year in 2023, despite the production allegedly wrapping up later in June 2022. The controversial game has also contributed to the increase in interest in the show. 


José Balmaceda, Pedro’s father, is a fertility specialist. Verónica Pascal Ureta, the actor’s mother, was also a child psychologist. 

Politically savvy, Pascal’s parents backed the Movement of the Revolutionary Left. The Pinochet military dictatorship of the right was the target of the movement. 

Pascal’s parents were forced to flee Chile when he was just nine months old owing to many threats of death. 

Additionally, Jose, Pascal’s father, is a renowned researcher and physician who has made significant contributions to the field of reproductive medicine. Pascal’s mother tragically took her own life in 1999, while he was a struggling actor. 

In honor of his mother, Pedro then changed his last name from Balmaceda to Pascal. He said that she was his “everything.” He also attributes his accomplishment to his mother. 

Pedro has a younger brother named Nicholas, a younger sister named Lux, and an older sister named Javiera. 

Javiera, his older sister, was born in 1972 and is currently employed with Amazon Studios. 

She has also helped him succeed professionally. When he was a struggling actor, she even let him live with her in her New York apartment. 

Nicholas, his younger brother, was born in 1987, following the family’s relocation to the USA. Additionally, Nick holds a Ph.D. in pediatric neurology. 

Lux Pascal, Pedro’s youngest sibling, was born in 1992 as well. She is an actress who co-starred in the Netflix series Narcos with Pedro. 

She is also a trans woman and an activist for transgender rights.